SUKHA Studio Etiquette & Policies

Manage your time: Arrive at the studio in enough time to settle 

Start off on the right foot: Remove shoes upon entering the studio

Avoid distractions for you & others: Turn off /remove your electronics (watches)

Practice awareness: No stinky stinky; If you feel like you have body odor, please use the wet wipes supplied in each restroom or use the shower before class

Be courteous: Perfumes/colognes/lotions can be offensive to your neighbor, please refrain or remove

Let’s work together: Do not claim showers before class has begun,  instead, place your belongings in the lockers  

No Violations: Code requires a clear path for our handicap/wheelchair clients; no bags by shower floors unless in use. 

Enjoy the good space and lack of distractions @ SUKHA: Please leave personal belongings, such as phones, keys, wallets, etc, in the lockers during class

Find stillness: Once class begins, please avoid talking; come into the space and turn inward

Be mindful: No colored drinks into the rooms as they stain the floors; water only

Be Green: Reduce shower time to 3 minutes per shower as we are still in a drought & others are waiting

Be courteous: Remove hair & shavings from showers and sinks- SUKHA is your home too

Be truthful: If you need to use powders, please do so over a towel;  our floors are sensitive 

Lockers are for rent or day use only: do not leave personal items in lockers please

Be kind: Clean your mat; it’s your BFF

Enjoy the small things: The small white hand towels are ‘in house’ complimentary so please return them to the bin after class

Respect the atmosphere, yourself & your efforts: you are amazing

Practice Ahimsa: ‘Practicing non-violence (ahimsa in Sanskrit) at the studio means coming into the space in a peaceful way. Gossip, angry complaining, and negative attitudes are best left for the gatherings around the water cooler at work. Instead, being gentle in voice, movement, actions, thought, and attitude respects those who come to yoga for a safe, uplifting, truthful environment. Hopefully, this gentle way of approaching and being will dissipate negativity not only during yoga class but at the water cooler and other areas of life as well’ -Yoga International

Backside of McHenry Village


1700 McHenry Ave, Ste 52-A, Modesto, California, CA 95350