Sukha has an array of yoga programs led by Certified Yoga Instructors whose focus is to provide a meaningful experience as well as a connection to the body, mind & spirit. The space at Sukha host two distinct yoga studios which offer many styles of yoga (Vinyasa, Hot 26/ Bikram Method, Restorative, Yin, Iyengar, Chair, Meditation, Ashtanga, Gentle…). Many members blend their practice with varying styles which compliment a more harmonious balance from within.

Wall – showcases a classic Inversion/ Ropes Wall which is used to enhance any type of practice by pairing the support of ropes fastened to the wall.


Sukha has qualified Certified Pilates instructors fostering guidance for every type of clientele. Pairing breath with proper muscle engagement and alignment, you will discover ways to build neuromuscular memory and take this awareness with you as you move through life’s every day movements and activities. Sukha proudly uses Balanced Body apparatus equipment (Allegro 2 Tower and the Combo Chair). Whether it be a private, semi private, or group class, Sukha will cater to your individual postural and rehabilitative needs. Our unique Postural Assessments are meant  to define and then direct a program that best fits your needs. In addition, we offer specialized classes meant for sport related activities; cycling, golfing, dancers and multiple other activities.


Barre classes focus on balance, strength & movement through all planes of motion with the assistance of a ballet bar and various props. Designed to improve flexibility, increase spinal mobility and emphasize core fitness, Barre is similar to pilates, creating a sculpted figure and more enhanced stamina. This low impact, cardio class is sure to improve your overall center of gravity and improve posture.

Mission Statement

Our mission at SUKHA is to create an environment that allows one to become more connected by discovering the powerful union of breath and mi​n​dful movement. ​The practice of these two disciplines together allow one to clear their mind, find stillness, and dive deeper into self awareness.

Core Philosophy

The Sanskrit word for ‘SUKHA’ translated into English means ‘good space’. Our intention is for you to utilize SUKHA to find and nourish your own good space within the mind, body​,​ and spirit. Whether on the mat, the reformer, or in one of our suspension training programs, we want you to find your strength with ease, stillness of the mind, and share in a sense of community.

Backside of McHenry Village


1700 McHenry Ave, Ste 52-A, Modesto, California, CA 95350